FS.AI enables Companies shift to Digital, Automated, AI/ML driven Intelligent Business Processes for better governance. Bringing research and advanced development to the forefront enables our professionals to take emerging technologies from hype to reality required for ESG compliance platforms.

Automation with AI/ML

BPMN driven Accelerators for auto assessment of risk and auto assignment of regulatory changes with policy changes.

RPA to scan the changes in business process, Auto extraction of key information from the documents

DataOps for data discovery, auto aggregation, establishing taxonomy that standard across regulatory documents with purpose built ML Models, Funnel into classification, relevance analysis, analysis and summarization

ML Models for Predictive Insights, Generative AI -drives business outcomes, improves efficiencies, reduces errors. Getting the model right with proper oversight we can automate decisions

Enforcing AI First Cloud Native Approach

Unify Data Management and Analytics Pipeline on state-of-the-art DevOps process.

Distributed Data Platform

Establishes agile data management, elevated data quality and a DataOps foundation. It enables federated data ownership and data models optimized for specific domains and lines of business.

API Integrations

Standards-based, platform-agnostic API and integration framework makes integrating a wide-range of data sources and analytics solutions fast and easy, including leading solutions from Snowflake, Databricks, AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle and more.